Today, I read an interesting piece from Naval Ravikant on a book – “The Beginning of Infinity” by David Deutsch.

Few things excite me as much as having a new book on my reading list. Especially when the book covers areas that aligns with the current questions on my mind.

Almost all civilizations and religions have a story about the end of the world as we know it. Those that have communicated a firm date have ended up being wrong. But it does not stop the believers. Instead they blame themselves for misinterpreting the “prophecy”, and then go ahead to set a new distant future date. All dates come into being anyway, and like before, they are wrong again.

What has remained true is that every moment is a seed to infinity with borderless possibilities. Every single thought, word and action is boundless. You can only control the start, you cannot control the end, because there is no end.

At any point in time, you stand, sit or lie in the beginning of infinity.

The questions that plague my mind are –

What ripples am I starting in this moment? Am I intentional about them?

What ripples are influencing my choices? Am I conscious of them?

I am thankful for questions that go into the universe to attract options.

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