Chance occurrences

Today, I changed routine and had an earlier visit to the fish pond at work.

As I approached I heard the fishes bustling with excitement. I could not for the life of me understand why fishes would be so excited at me visiting.

When I got to the pond they were all raising their heads out of the water and opening their mouths, looking like they were gasping for air.

I got worried, thinking there might be something wrong with the water, but then I wondered why they were calm until my footsteps were close.

As I watched them reaching out to me, I saw the work area owner coming with a bag of fish feed. Aha, all that bustling was because they thought I was coming with food. The time I arrived was their usual time of being fed in the morning.

There was nothing wrong with the water in the pond, thankfully. They were not also excited at my presence, after all.

They just wanted food and after they were fed, calm was restored.

The power of incentives is in how it conditions all life.

I am thankful for chance occurrences that put an upside down rainbow on my lips.

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