Generous teammates

Today, I had a personal retreat to design my first 90 days plan and 3-year strategy on my new role.

I have spent the last two weeks engaging people, walking beaten paths, exploring spaces off the beaten path, and reflecting on what my priorities would be.

My biggest aha moments have come from people engagement. People instinctively tell strangers their story, and if you ask sincere questions, they would give you invaluable insights. I can never repay the generosity of people towards me.

What is even more fascinating is how patterns emerge. You get to see a common thread of benefits and concerns across diverse groups. This simplifies leadership, as it is the easiest way to find a silver bullet for group motivation.

The five senses also came in very handy as I took long winding walks. I soaked up what I admire and what I do not. I asked questions and I took lots of notes.

Today, I brought it all together on a page. Next step is to share it with stakeholders, for their inputs.

I am thankful for generous teammates that make building the future easier.

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