When humans procrastinate, we justify it with something plausible.

“I am tired.” “I will make out more time for it tomorrow.” “I can catch up quickly on this.” “They will forget or something else will come up.” “I need to plan this well.” “If I start it too many other things will wait or suffer.” “It is not even that important.” “The last minute rush creates my best work.” “I have many other priorities.” “There are more urgent things.” “This can wait.”

These and many more reasons are provided by our mind. Considering our mind knows us well, it is quite easy for it to provide the perfect reason for procrastination.

You really cannot argue with the mind. You will lose. The only choice you have if you want to prevail is to act. Action is the simplest tool for reshaping the mind.

This is why the most effective way to overcome procrastination is to start.

Just start what you want to put off. Whichever hack can help you to start, just apply it. But start.

When you start, the path to completion emerges.

– Osasu Oviawe

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