A launch

Today, I had the first of many public speaking sessions in Kaduna.

I always wonder what goes through people’s minds as I speak. Sometimes, that thought brings a smile to my face.

Maybe someone is wondering how I look naked, and thanking God for clothes. Or someone is wondering how much longer before refreshment. Worse still, someone might be hoping I choke.

Whatever the case, it is amazing how so many people can be sitted in the same place, and yet be in different spaces in their heads.

I used to hate people reading speeches from a page, but in a place that is not your stage, it is best to stick to the script. A slip can deeply offend sensibilities you know nothing about. It is best to leave feeling you could have said more, than to leave feeling you could have said less. Less is more.

I am thankful for a successful launch of the youth empowerment program (YEP) 2021.

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