Minority rule

Minority rule is the best example of how a majority in number does not equate to a stronger say. 

The majority never rules. 

Most calls for diversity and inclusion are a call for a stronger say by the majority, not the minority. 

The greatest trick of the minority is the control of the spotlight, and hiding everything else in the shadows. 

We are therefore forced to measure scale only within the spotlight, as we cannot see much else. The minority shines the light on where they exist, making it seem they are the majority. 

Not strange, as even in nature, the majority is always in the dark. The light never shines on the whole. 

What we need is not just to move the spotlight from the typical spots on the stage, to other parts of the theatre of life. What we need is more lights. Not on a spot, but for the whole theatre.

– Osasu Oviawe

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