Enthusiasm and Freedom

Today, I celebrated with one friend and said goodbye to another.

One was getting married and asking me for Day 1 advice. I had only one question – “Are your parents on board with you for this?” He was taken aback. Afterall, millennial should hate asking for permission. I explained to him that parents are our forerunners, ignore their advice and you will get to see what they’ve seen, but it will be too late to avoid a crash.

The other had resigned some weeks back and asking me for last day advice. I had only a long commentary – “There will be times you would look back, wondering what treasures you lost by leaving this path. Whenever that time comes, remember how free you felt when you dropped your resignation letter. If here was so great why did it feel like chains fell off?” He was shocked. I explained to him that I fully understand the trade-offs on the path I’m walking, it sucks sometimes, but it serves a purpose beyond me.

I am thankful for Day 1 feelings (enthusiasm) and last day feelings (freedom).

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