Today, I had a very interesting telephone conversation with an account officer.

He was excited I had a complaint and needed his help, as it was an opportunity to connect. I had to continually check that I had the number I was calling correct, and not about to be scammed.

I never had a conversation with him before, but immediately he heard my name, he started engaging like I was an old friend. He had obviously been trying to get a hold on me for a while, but I typically do not pick calls from unsaved numbers.

He got what I wanted resolved in record time, and proceeded to offering why he had been trying to reach me all along – loans. He had one of the best pitches I have heard on why living in debt is a fantastic financial plan in Nigeria.

I thanked him, declined, but asked him to loop me in if he had investment related advice, not debt related ones.

He was a little disappointed, I could tell from his tone, but he took it in his stride. His final words were telling – “As long as I have planted the seed of easily accessible loan facilities in you, you will surely come back to me on it. I am sure of it.”

I laughed so hard, because he was speaking from experience, not from my reality. Let us see how time unfolds.

I am thankful for engagements that reinforce my financial principles.

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