Caveat emptor

There is an overarching risk when you journal your thoughts publicly – People do not expect you to change your mind.

Writing your thought seems to cast it in stone.

People expect you not to shift from a position you held some years ago, especially when you wrote about it.

I get calls sometimes from people that are hyped up about an idea I shared in the past. It is so hard to explain that I no longer agree with my previous position. In other words, I now believe my old self to be wrong.

It is easier for me to move on from an idea I held sacred, than for my readers to. They usually feel betrayed.

Which is why I consciously keep this blog private. I do not want to live with the burden of holding on to ideas that no longer serve me, in order to align with other people’s expectations.

I flirt with ideas. Like a lover, I write about them. I test them in my life. Many do not work for me. Few do. I stick with what works for me.

Please read my posts with this in mind.

– Osasu Oviawe

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