Today, I had an early morning chat which hurt.

I got around to asking about the health of a friend’s sister, and found out she had passed on and been buried.

I knew how much he tried to make the end not to be so soon. All the hope, all the prayers, all the resources. But the more he tried, the more hope he required to keep going.

Hope as an emotion works best in small doses. As it grows it becomes toxic. In most hopeless situations, hope is actually the prevailing emotion. Quite ironic.

The reason I did not get to know about her passing was that I was also battling some personal demons during that same period, with rapidly rising hope. It is funny how we assume another is being absent when they are just battling to keep their head above water.

I am thankful for the peace that ultimately comes through death to humankind. Living forever could have been the real hell for most.

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