A contrarian thought

Love births sacrifice, but sacrifice is not love.

Sacrifice is also birthed by fear.

An example is in marriage. Fear has been responsible for birthing the sacrifices required for more marriages than most people are comfortable to admit.

We laugh at how awkward two people are together, and wonder how they’ve stayed together so long. We believe length of a marriage must be built on a foundation of principles we judge as good. So we ascribe long marriages to love, even though love is neither good nor bad – it just is. We shriek at the thought of any long marriage being built on fear.

If you reflect deeply, you find that our lives are short enough for fear to be a driver.

Sacrifices made out of fear, do not look significantly different from sacrifices made out of love.

I prefer sacrifices made out of love to those made out of fear. They serve me. But I do not deceive myself into calling the sacrifices I make out of fear, sacrifices of love.

– Osasu Oviawe

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