Beautiful souls

Today, I confirmed my hypothesis.

Those who care about you can tell when something is wrong, even when you are wearing the mask of a smile.

I am not talking about those who always ask questions to draw out something being wrong with you. Such people piss me off. They get a high from you basking in the negative aspects of your life.

I am talking about those that sense when the shadow of a negative experience is making you not to see the light of all the positive aspects.

Because they ask sincerely, you share your vulnerability in ways that can even surprise you. We are wired to respond positively to sincerity.

I was having a conversation with some people today, and at the end of the engagement, someone walked up to me and mentioned that my tone dropped off when I spoke about a particular subject. He went further to ask what the matter was. I shared the truth with him. I did not feel the need to say, “Keep it private.” I trusted him because he has shown consistently that he cares. Those who care do not need to be reminded of confidentiality.

I am thankful for the beautiful souls interspersed in my universe.

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