Today, I noticed a cousin had started dropping motivational quotes. I immediately knew heartbreak had been uploaded.

When I tried to call him, he did not pick. He never likes to give others the joy of laughing at him.

Strangely, everyone but you knows who is right for you and who is wrong for you. You just pray you are humble enough to listen early, before you are neck deep in sunk cost.

From my experience, what helps is to keep your intention public at the start. This way, those who might know better will have their say. Then, go private when you actually start dating.

You really do not want to start fighting everybody on things you should have known from the start.

Anyway, my cousin knew he was on a long thing for quite a while, but like me, he was stubborn in his choices.

I am thankful that things somehow resolve themselves, in spite of us.

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