Today, I had an interesting conversation with a colleague.

With permission, I will be sharing my part of the conversation, as it encapsulates my thoughts on some subjects.

“[17/10, 09:33] Osasu: We all have our demons. The less sophisticated people let them show, but we all carry our demons. The one who let their demons show, get ridiculed, but they are also the more likely ones to get help. The ones who never let their demons show, get consumed by them – inside out.

[17/10, 09:38] Osasu: As you go higher in your career, you realise that just as your parents are fallible, your bosses are even more fallible. And just like most parents, they are impervious to correction.
The trick is not to lose respect for them, in spite of their failings.
Because if you lose respect for them, they will know, and they will hurt you.”

The other side of the conversation was even more interesting, but I do not have permission to share it. I am journaling my part, as it will help me to always remember the full conversation.

I am thankful for conversations which help to unravel knotty situations.

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