Great jogglers focus on one ball at a time, no matter how many balls they have to joggle.

The neophyte tries to handle all balls at once, ultimately dropping all.

Great multitaskers give their all to one task at a time. Their strength is a single-minded focus on one thing at a time. They get more done in a limited time because they do not do all at once.

The inexperienced want to do it all at once. They quickly find that nothing gets completed, and feel strained. They aim to save time, but time shrinks for the one who spreads it too thin, and only expands for the one who concentrates it.

Multitasking is intentional time-bound allocation of attention.

The time-bound nature creates a healthy push that reduces inertia. The allocation of attention creates a healthy pull that reduces the activation energy for creativity.

Great multitasking is just one task at a time in a state of flow.

– Osasu Oviawe

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