Laugh and smile

There is a beautiful thing that occurs when you reach out to take a child into your arms.

The child either rejects or accepts you. You fail or you succeed. There is no predicting which will occur when you reach out.

There are some children that reject everybody, and some accept everybody. But you never know, so you just reach out with positive expectations.

When a child rejects you, you laugh and keep trying. You do not feel rejected.

When a child accepts you, you smile because it is the sweetest gift. You feel accepted.

We understand that rejection or acceptance by a child is not a judgment of who we are, but a reflection of the fickle mood of a child.

Life is like that. What therapists try to help people with is to accept rejection and acceptance with the same grace, just as we do with a child.

Laugh at rejection. Smile at acceptance.

– Osasu Oviawe

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