The purpose of a kingmaker is the ability to choose the king. It is the pinnacle of influence, not power (as power always resides with the king).

Influence and power are similar tools for driving execution in line with expectations, but there is a not so subtle difference.

While influence has a pull effect, power has a push effect. As humans are fickle, your choice of pull or push is situational. This post is not about push and pull, so let me end this thought here

I want to reflect on the strategy of kingmakers, and how to apply same in our choices.

Let us explore three attributes.

The first attribute of a kingmaker is that they get things done. They can be trusted to “carry a message to Garcia.”

The second attribute of a kingmaker is that they say far less than they know. This keeps everyone around them guessing on their next move.

The third attribute of a kingmaker is that they are deliberate about who becomes king. This is their overarching goal.

The first two are easier than the third, but they feed the ability to shape the third.

Why is the third attribute the overarching goal?

Your life trajectory is determined more by those you report to, than anyone else in your ecosystem. From your parents, to your teachers, your mentors, your partners and your line managers, those you defer to have a greater say on your destiny than even your choices.

Being able to choose who you report to is a luxury very few enjoy, but it is one that must be deliberately sought as you mature, because it is too important to be left to chance.

I have to catch a train ride now, but I will come back to this subject some day.

– Osasu Oviawe

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