All religions have rituals.

It is their secret to longevity.

You neither need inspiration nor motivation for a prescription that has been adapted to different humans over time.

It is easy to pick up and sustain. Best of all, it makes you feel you have planted a seed. The universe now needs to nurture it.

I once flirted with the idea of purging myself off the Catholic rituals. I embraced a freestyle approach to communion with God. It was exciting at the start, but the high slowly became a low.

It is hard work to say a new prayer every day that is not tied to a ritual. I slowly stopped praying daily.

I had to pick back a ritual (saying the rosary daily) and infuse inspiration or motivation whenever they arrive.

Rituals are fundamental for consistency.

The greatest people in any field understand this. They are deliberate about building rituals in the important aspects of their lives.

– Osasu Oviawe

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