Good preparation

The prepared get disappointed.
The unprepared get surprised.

I remember the days when tests used to be the biggest trial I faced in life.

Every time I was well prepared, I was disappointed at the test. Not disappointed at the result, but the test itself.

It always seemed too much time was wasted preparing, considering the simplicity of the test. Worse still, if the test was moved for any reason, I was even more disappointed considering all the preparation.

On the flip side, whenever I was ill-prepared, I was always surprised at the test, and most times, at the result.

It was either the narrow part I read came out as the central theme in the test, or the narrow part I read did not even graze the test. If for any reason, the test was moved, it was a pleasurable surprise embraced with joy.

While there is wholesome pleasure in dancing with the surprise ill-preparation brings, sustainable progress comes with the possibility of disappointment from good preparation.

– Osasu Oviawe

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