Miracles are predicated on the art of giving and receiving.

Miracles exist everywhere and in every moment, but we only identify with the miracles dictated by limited time.

Every time you give without expectations or receive with gratitude, you’re living a miracle. 

We do not have a shortage of miracles, just a shortage of gratitude in a world of entitlement.

How can a person that feels entitled be grateful?
How can a person that lacks gratitude identify a miracle?
How can miracles continue in a life that does not see it?

Sadly, miracles become more obvious when the finite nature of life is made real in our lives. Then, we see more clearly, the things we can give and all that we can be thankful for.

In the end, all we have are memories of our journey. Those memories light up when they are filled with more periods of giving and receiving. The end does not need to be near, before we discover the miracle of giving and receiving.

Note that this is different from shoving and taking. Giving and receiving are not power games.

What miracle are you giving today?

What miracle are you thankful for today?

– Osasu Oviawe

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