Some are listening and dancing to their own beat. They are wearing earphones. No one else can get why they’re nodding so melodiously or dancing so happily. You can even interprete it as madness. They might let you in by singing out loud, but even then, you might still not get it.

Some are listening on the stereo and bumping to the tune. If you’re close enough you can join in and do the shuffle together.

Some are listening and using the tune for fun videos, adapting the tune to body movements, for the hope of a reward or just for the fun of it.

And then there are some tunes that just travel the world with the wind, totally out of control, with no predictable pattern. They typically start in a studio and then are played on many earphones, stereos join the party, different people start interpreting it in new fun ways and then a critical mass is passed, turning that tune into the definition of the times.

Your company is your studio. No matter how you bump fists to your new product, always ask – Is this a product for earphones, stereos, promos or is it built to define the times?

Whatever you choose for your product – let your marketing reflect it.

– Osasu Oviawe

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