As a personal preference to enjoying books I buy, I listen to the author speak about the book before I read it.

My preferred platform has been Google Talks, but many other platforms work too.

I use the words of the author to decide if there is a novel idea or heterodoxy I would like to explore further.

In most cases, I find that authors under-sell their books. A 1-hour talk was just too short to summarise the message.

In some cases, I find that there was no reason to even read the book. All was shared in the talk.


…the more articulate the speaker is, the less “aha” moments I find in the book.

…the more laboured the speaker is, the more “aha” moments I find in the book.

Maybe it is linked to the bar I set from the speech.

After being primed by their speech, reading becomes a recitation in their own words. The voice in my head as I read is theirs. I connect the dots and see patterns faster.

If you have difficulties deciding on books to read, find videos of authors from book recommendations, and watch to them. It can be a good nudge to committing.

– Osasu Oviawe

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