Delay judgment

When you move into a house, you easily identify things that are wrong – plumbing, lighting, fittings. You wonder how the last occupant managed to live with so many irritants, and you demand that everything be fixed. The landlord grudgingly obliges.

As you live in that same house, things start going wrong. At first you fix them as they happen, then you start prioritising what is fixed, and then some things that are wrong become blurred to you – plumbing, lighting, fittings. If you are lucky, you get a visitor who cares enough to mention some of them to you, and if you respect them you get the things fixed.

By the time you are leaving the house, you feel you have done your best in the circumstances to manage the property. Just as things were before you, they re-manifest after you. The landlord and the next tenant think you could have managed things better.

Life is more cyclical than it is linear.

Delay judgment of the times passed, until you have fully lived your own reality. When you do, you will understand better that in the prevailing circumstances, most people do the best they could.

– Osasu Oviawe

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