A problem without a solution

All keys need a lock. All locks do not need a key.

All solutions need problems. All problems do not need solutions.

All solutions need problems: When you start learning any art of self defense, the recurrent advice is to flee from a fight. This is because the solution of self defense will naturally attract its concomitant problems of fights. And if you do not learn to flee, it will become more of a burden than a solution.

All problems do not need solutions: If you ever get a glimpse into all the human body has to deal with every moment to keep you alive, you would wonder how you still manage to keep going. But it has been honed over eons to maintain what is going well, solve the pressing and ignore what does not threaten life. Some problems serve as boundaries, and many boundaries serve to protect, not harm. So why solve what serves you?

Whenever you get a solution to a problem you do not yet have, be patient, the problem is coming.

Whenever you get a problem without a solution, be grateful, it is saving you from something.

– Osasu Oviawe

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