Good initiatives

A nurse does not pull out the needle because the patient feels some discomfort. He or she administers the drug first before pulling out the needle, otherwise, the pain is pointless and will linger on in memory as needless.

A nurse only pulls out the needle without administering the drug if the damage from administration is worse than the help the drug will provide.

I see too many leaders abort good initiatives because of the short term discomfort their followers complain about. Introducing the initiative already caused the inconvenience, it is wiser to allow the inconvenience to at least have meaning, by seeing the initiative through to the end.

It is a tough call for leadership, but always remember the nurse. There is no point in piercing with a needle if the drug in the syringe will not be emptied. The discomfort from the needle is only worth it, because the drug you will inject restores health.

Resist the urge to take out the needle without injecting the drug.

– Osasu Oviawe

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